• Welcome to Ham Radio Australia. This site is owned by John, VK7XX and was created mainly to display some of the VK7 HF operators on line logs. To view any of the logs just click on one of the callsigns in the 'On Line Logs' menu. Of course, there is more than just logs. There is the occasional 'read more' link as well as other individual items. There is also information on the sliding tabs.. click on any of the 'dots' (below and centre) and leave your mouse there to hold that slide!.

    Just how big is Australia ??

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  • Interested in the Tassie Devil award?

    The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST) has an award for stations that qualify by contacting the required number of VK7 stations.

    For further information please

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  • Australian Communications and Media Authority search.
    Type a VK callsign in the left hand box and click the 'Search' button.
    Search results will be displayed on a new page.!





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